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Hair Services

Blowout | $49

Up Do | $75

Blowout with extensions | $65

Add on Braid/Half Up | $10

Mini Blowout (10 & under) | $35

Scalp massage | $10

Conditioning treatment | $20

Express Keratin Treatment |  $150

Hair FAQ’s

Yes! Your hair will be washed at no charge. For Up do services, we recommend not having your hair washed during your appointment, however if you would like it washed there is an additional charge for a shampoo + up do.  Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Most appointments are finished in 45 minutes.  However, depending on your hair type and length, an appointment could take 30 minutes or over an hour.  There is an additional charge for appointments that take over an hour.  Feel free to call us and we’d be happy to help give a better time estimate.

Generally, 2-3 days depending on your style and hair type.  Some can go longer & some need to touch-up sooner.

Absolutely! We completely understand that some customers may have sensitive scalps or just prefer certain products used in their hair.